Friday, 13 April 2012

A feeble attempt to show off my filofax.....

Hi, so it's been a while since I last posted something and I am really trying hard to fix that. So I thought I would finally try and post some pics of my filofax. I have an A5 red domino. And my camera and I don't really get along so the pictures aren't the best quality. I will do my best to explain each section I have.

The stickers on the dividers are from my sons hospital appointments over the last 5 years. He gets one each time he goes.

So here it goes....

This is the inside front cover. I have some Martha Stewart by Avery sticky notes on the flyleaf on the right, and on the left I have a jot pad, some post-it brand tabs, in the pockets I have some business cards, calendar stickers, and maps and papers

This is my first tab, and it is household. Sorry for the I said the camera and I don't' get along...I need a new one.

The first page is a personal schedule so I didn't show that, but this is my monthly menu planner, I have four in here, right up until the end of school. I guess I probably don't need March's in here anymore, but oh well...

This is my flylady inspired cleaning list. I amended it to fit my home, and printed and laminated it since I look at it so often.

This is my paint planning section. The top colours are for my sons room, and the bottom colours are for my room. I love grays.

This tab is my personal section. It is written on the blue bit. Sorry again for the bad pictures. In the personal section I have a subway map, a list of day trips and admission costs for my family, and a television recording schedule. I tried to take pictures but for some reason I couldn't get the pictures to show up.

Also in the personal section is a couple of 'sub-tabs' that I have made using the alphabet tabs that come with the filofax. This first one is for my blog.

This is my swapping section. I am not sure where the tab page went for this one. On the left is a vellum envelope is my stamps. I attached it with double sided tape, and on the right side is an Avery page protector that I re-punched and it has address labels, blank address labels and swapping cards.

I also have a list of the swaps that I want to host on the website, I love that site.

I am the team captain for my city's relay for life for the Cancer Society. Here is the list of items we should bring as well as a meeting planner sheet from for the meeting I have on Monday.

Here is another sub-tab for another event I am is a surprise, so unfortunately that is all you can see....sorry :(

This is my Diet tab...pretty basic and straight forward

These pages are my list of WeightWatchers PointsPlus 2012 foods that I actually eat. With their serving size and point value.

Here are my diet/meal sheets. I use these to record what I eat and either the point value, or caloric value. When I remember to use them of course.

Here is my calendar tab.

I use the WO1P with time management from Ray ( and Steve ( The whole reason I use an A5!!

Next is my Art section. This is just a vision board/inspiration thingy

I use this section to mostly zentangle.

 This is my notes tab. I love this one the most. It is just filled with filofax brand note pages in blue and salmon. Some multi-coloured as well.

This is my odds and ends tab. It houses things I am really not sure where else to put.

Such as my 101 things in 1001 days...I haven't finished writing the list yet...I am only on 73.

This tab is for my sons hospital/clinic notes.

 He is at the hospital often, although not as much now thankfully, but these notes are brilliant.

This section is my school notes section.

These are notes to send to school with my children when needed. I found them on

This is my final tab and it is labeled STUFF

On the left are some reinforcement patches in another Avery page protector, and on the left is the plastic envelope that comes with the filo and it has some letters, a picture and some paperwork in it.

This is the back. I have a cardboard piece from a notepad at the back to keep my papers from curling around the rings, and I have nothing in the notepad holder section.

I use two bic four coloured pens in my filo. Fashion colours on the left and normal colours on the right. Thank you for sticking through this very long post. Much filo love to all.


  1. Ooh - thanks for the link to Anything But Perfect - I will be having a good trawl through there later :o) And I love your menu planner - whenever I have tried (and failed) to work a menu planner it is probably because I have too much detail and try to plan out my food for the whole day. Maybe I should just plan out my main meal each day - then it may be more useful to me. Loving your post :o)

  2. Thank you so much for you comment. I only record my suppers on the menu. Mainly because I have three growing children who would eat me out of house and home if I let them. This way I can tell them exactly what they are eating, and they can see it clearly as well if need be.