Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Its here, it's here

An update on my post from yesterday about my Holborn. It finally came in this morning. I am really not sure why things take sibling to get to me sometimes. I think a new habit I shall try to form is patience.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


I ordered the Black Holborn personal on the 15th. It still isn't here. Why is it that I have to wait ages for my filofax orders and it seems everyone else gets theirs in amazing time. So frustrating. Here is hoping it is here tomorrow.

Sorry for complaining, but thanks for 'listening'

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A quick update...

Sorry I haven't really been blogging lately. It is summer so I have been doing a few things here and there with my family. Camps and holidays and the likes.

But I thought it was time to at least do a little update.

The sticker-fax has gone by the wayside. I stopped using it rather quickly which is why I haven't posted on it. I was using the compact Chameleon for this, but that binder and I are no longer speaking. Currently I have my stickers in a pouch. That is working for the most part. I have made two new inserts for both my A5 Malden and my compact Finsbury.

The clear zip pouch filled with stickopotomus stickers, and others.

This is the front of the first new insert. I received an order from PamperedChef and it came with a plastic backing, so I cut it up and made three separate inserts. This is the first one. It has some fun stickers on the front....

And on the back it has a selection of Washi tapes just to jazz up some pages.

On the second insert in the A5 I have just put some of the 'all the time' stickers and things I use. I have some Martha Stewart by Avery tear drop dots (no clue what they are really called), some colour-code dots, and some Avery colour-code strips that I just write stuff on, to add colour lol....

In the compact Finsbury I used the insert in a similar fashion. I placed some of my more used stickers and things on it so I don't always have to go flipping through the binder to find them.

And on the backside of the compact one I just have some stickers from Moleskine journals.

I am waiting for my personal Holborn in black to come in. I am super excited for it. I love my compact Finsbury, but it needs to be ever so much bigger. I realize that the Holborn's rings are fairly large in comparison but I am hoping I can still keep it pared down. I will be doing a post on the Holborn when it comes in and I 'move in' to it.

I made a YouTube video on my Malden. It was a process. With much encouragement from Ray. It was a goal I had and I completed it. I would love to be able to make more I think. I am still too camera shy, but bird's eye views of my filofaxes and what not, aren't so bad. Thanks again Ray.

Well, That's it for now I think....As always if you like this post or any of my others, I would be honoured if you would subscribe and follow along on this little journey with me...

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Project FILO-PAL in full swing

Hello everyone. I just want to update everyone on my previous post about pen pals using Filofax paper. Well u had an astounding response of 10 people interested in participating. I am amazed. I never even thought anyone would want to be a part of it. Well I have written 8 of the 10 outgoing letters and I will be writing the last two this coming week. I was hoping to have had them mailed out by now but life had other plans.
If anyone else in interested in participating please feel free to email me.

Now to pick the perfect Filofax to house all of these wonderful letters I hope to receive. Any ideas.

Disclaimer: this is being sent using my iPhone when I get back my computer I am hoping to be able to link to my previous post. Also please excuse any typing errors or autocorrect disasters.