Tuesday, 1 January 2013

2013 Personal filofax set-up

Hi everyone. Sorry it has been a while since my last post. My entire house is quite ill at the moment, including myself. It has made for a long holiday season.

Today I thought I would show my set-up for 2013 in my personal chameleon. I have 2, the aqua and a black one I just got for Christmas from my husband. I am currently using the black one, mostly to break it in and give my aqua a bit of a rest. The Chameleon is truly the Filofax for me I think.

I am trying a few new things this year. I have a seperate To-Do section for more major, or lengthy to-dos, and I am using the week on two pages cotton cream that was wonderfully gifted to me by Sam. (Your thank-you package is on its way, I hope you like it.)

Get ready for some pictures.....

The front cover...I love the chameleon...

Some goals and resolutions.

Inside the front cover

A pocket I made using an Avery product I found at Staples.

My 'flyleaf' with some post it notes on it ready for use.

Awesome stickers from Tracey

Some blank filofax paper that I perforated into three sections, but you can't really see it unfortunately.

My To-Do tab (kinda boring)

My first attempt at using the To-Do sheets. I hope this works out for me.

People tab, has various phone numbers and addresses in it.

Month on 2 pages made by Jenna

Week on two pages cotton cream gifted to me by Sam

My Notes tab

I have some blank cotton cream filofax pages.

My Stuff tab

Some printouts from the Mayo clinic weightloss program thingy

Some shopping lists I made using my perforator...sorta see it I think

Some recipe and ingredients pages, also from Jenna

Another pocket made using an Avery product

Finally my multi-purpose holder in the back

Thanks for checking out my post. If you like what you see please consider following me. Happy new year everyone.