Thursday, 17 May 2012

Why is one never enough???

I bought my first filofax about 4 years ago. It was a pink Finsbury personal. My son had just been released from the hospital and I had selfishly needed some retail therapy. I used it for a little while, but got extremely frustrated by the fact that it would lie flat. I shelved it for a long time. Actually I think I donated it to a charity, I can't find it anywhere.

I used to use a daytimer nappa in personal size that I have had for 5 years, another shop therapy purchase after my son (who was 8 at the time) was diagnosed with cancer. I absolutely love it. It is luxurious leather, and bendy and floppy......and too bendy and too floppy and eventually I stopped using it as well.

Enter in filofax more time I said. I had seen the pictures on flikr, and read the philofaxy blog for quite some time, so I thought I would give it a go. I purchased an pocket metropol at my local winners store and I really liked it. It was a bit small but I made it work. Then I noticed the rings weren't meeting up, and it didn't close properly. I found a lime green Finsbury personal at the same winners another day so I got it. $16.99 I couldn't go wrong right? After about a week it's rings were right anymore either. I didn't understand, and really I still don't. I didn't misuse it, I opened it with the little levers on either side of the mechanism, I closed it gently with the rings. I never over stuffed it, and I didn't toss it about willy-nilly. I emailed the company and they replaced both of the defective filofaxes....with a great black personal Finsbury and another defective Metropol. I couldn't believe it. The replacement pocket Metropol they sent didn't open AT ALL. I emailed them back to let them know. They reluctantly agreed to send a pocket domino as a replacement. It seemed fine, but I didn't use it for long. I was kinda really bummed about the rings. How could so many binders have such crappy rings, yet there be this entire world of loyal fans to them.

I decided I would buy one more, give them one more chance. So I purchased an A5 Domino in red when it was on sale on the US site. I love it. I use it every day. The rings are PERFECT! But it is a bit stiff, and the elastic closure causes me problems sometimes (I have a medical condition that effects my hands)

Since I have bought my Domino back in March I think, I have bought one for my mother, a slew of inserts, a compact Chameleon (also with a slight ring issue) a personal size domino and I am ordering an A5 Malden, and a compact Finsbury.....

The point of my story is this.....

Why as filofax "fans" do we never settle for just one...what is it about them that compels us to hoard them, and snatch them up like they will help defend us in a zombie apocalypse? I know for me personally, I am hoping that the Malden is softer than the Domino and that the rings are good, and I love the colour of the compact Finsbury (blue) and the compact is my favorite size. I find as soon as I know there is something wrong with one I have to find a perfect replacement quickly.

What about you? How many do you have? And what compels you to purchase more?

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Thursday, 10 May 2012


I am so excited that my filofax Compact Chameleon in Raspberry finally came in today. I only ordered in on April 24th.  I sent an email to filofax on Sunday and I didn't hear back from anyone until today. I haven't had to wait that long before, so I was getting anxious.  I have decided to post another blog full of lovely filofax pics. (I love looking at pics of other peoples filofax)

I hope you like.

This is the closest I could get to true colour. I love it.

The front with my post-it dash, and starbucks and tim hortons cards...hey I like em both...don't judge lol

Transit map for Toronto

A shot of my top tabs, I don't have too many side ones right now, saves more space for paper :)

A not so clear pic of the blogs I frequent...can you see which one is second (only to postsecret of course)

A few more top tabs

 A list of video games my family wants to get in the near future

A list of some things I would like to buy this year (when I was using my finsbury personal, this and the video game list were in a list tab)

Thought Questions from this site

More Thought Questions

Week on two pages diary

My notes tab...I love the dragon...and the glow in the dark lamby

Instructions for a drinking game lol....I don't even drink really but I saw it on Big Brother last year...neat if you ever have a party

Some of my calendar stickers in a top opening envelope thingy

What's in my back zip pocket...some extra post-its, a few drawings from my kids, and some pocket size filofax paper

The stuff in the front pocket..a note, a tube map for London transit, and some more pocket sized filofax paper, I interleave these with my diary/calendar pages.

Well, I am hoping that this will be my last filofax for a wee bit...trying to save for an olympic one.  I am really happy with this one so far, but it will take a bit of getting used to both size wise and the fact it doesn't lay flat and both my domino and my finsbury do.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I ordered a Chameleon Raspberry Compact filofax just about a week ago, and I really thought it would be in the post today and it wasn't. I am so depressed. :(

I purchased it to hopefully lighten the load in my handbag. I am currently using the Finsbury Personal in black for my handbag right now and it is quite heavy. I really hope the Chameleon compact is better. I know it is going to be thinnner, but that is kinda what I am counting on. Do any of you have experience with the Compact filofaxes? Let me know your opinions in the comments. I would love to hear them.

Maybe tomorrow.