Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I ordered a Chameleon Raspberry Compact filofax just about a week ago, and I really thought it would be in the post today and it wasn't. I am so depressed. :(

I purchased it to hopefully lighten the load in my handbag. I am currently using the Finsbury Personal in black for my handbag right now and it is quite heavy. I really hope the Chameleon compact is better. I know it is going to be thinnner, but that is kinda what I am counting on. Do any of you have experience with the Compact filofaxes? Let me know your opinions in the comments. I would love to hear them.

Maybe tomorrow.


  1. I have a compact Cham in black that I ordered as soon as I saw in available on ffusa last June. I wanted it so bad I didn't even wait for p&l! I ordered on a thurs and got it on sat even! so psyched and it was actually the longest I've ever stayed in 1 binder (6 months) then I got the compact osterley and then the personal amazona (freakishly in love with that one) the amazona I love so much that I downsized to pocket (personals were always too big and bulky for me but it was fun while it lasted - 3 months) I LOVE the pocket one as well and will hopefully do a blog post soon. I'd call ff if I were you - that's an awful long time to wait...

    1. It was actually your youtube videos that convinced me to get the Compact Chameleon. I thought your videos were great. Well this is now the 4th and I still don't have it. Someone told me that it can take 3 weeks to get to Canada, but I don't understand how. Everything else I ordered from them arrived exactly 1 week later. I tried the pocket Domino and it was a no go for me. I wish I could make it work but it wasn't big enough to do what I need on the go. I really hope the compact does what I need. If nothing else it will end up being a glorified, exquisite notebook.