Thursday, 10 May 2012


I am so excited that my filofax Compact Chameleon in Raspberry finally came in today. I only ordered in on April 24th.  I sent an email to filofax on Sunday and I didn't hear back from anyone until today. I haven't had to wait that long before, so I was getting anxious.  I have decided to post another blog full of lovely filofax pics. (I love looking at pics of other peoples filofax)

I hope you like.

This is the closest I could get to true colour. I love it.

The front with my post-it dash, and starbucks and tim hortons cards...hey I like em both...don't judge lol

Transit map for Toronto

A shot of my top tabs, I don't have too many side ones right now, saves more space for paper :)

A not so clear pic of the blogs I frequent...can you see which one is second (only to postsecret of course)

A few more top tabs

 A list of video games my family wants to get in the near future

A list of some things I would like to buy this year (when I was using my finsbury personal, this and the video game list were in a list tab)

Thought Questions from this site

More Thought Questions

Week on two pages diary

My notes tab...I love the dragon...and the glow in the dark lamby

Instructions for a drinking game lol....I don't even drink really but I saw it on Big Brother last year...neat if you ever have a party

Some of my calendar stickers in a top opening envelope thingy

What's in my back zip pocket...some extra post-its, a few drawings from my kids, and some pocket size filofax paper

The stuff in the front pocket..a note, a tube map for London transit, and some more pocket sized filofax paper, I interleave these with my diary/calendar pages.

Well, I am hoping that this will be my last filofax for a wee bit...trying to save for an olympic one.  I am really happy with this one so far, but it will take a bit of getting used to both size wise and the fact it doesn't lay flat and both my domino and my finsbury do.


  1. Love it! You have good taste. We can't get these in compact size the UK but that's probably a good thing!!! I have a raspberry pocket Chameleon and a raspberry compact Finsbury. I love both of them for different reasons! I'm surprised the Chameleon doesn't lie flat as my pocket does and Finsbury doesn't! Weird. Is it lighter in weight than your Finsbury? I find mine heavy (even though it's a compact rather than personal).

    1. I love my compact. Are the raspberry colours similar between the two styles of binder? My compact Chameleon is lighter than my personal Finsbury, I find. I really appreciate you checking out my blog, and leaving a comment. Thanks!!

  2. No worries! It's nice to be in the company of people who appreciate Filofaxes and All Things Stationery. My family and friends' eyes just glaze over when I talk about them so I don't bother any more!

    I've seen that Denmark(?) are selling the compact Chameleons at half price at the moment . . . I really shouldn't . . . we'll see!!!

  3. Oh - regarding the colours, the Finsbury is darker than the Chameleon. A proper raspberry colour. I would just call the Chameleon pink really.

  4. I have a compact raspberry Chameleon en route now - purchased from a woman in Denmark who said she only used for 3 weeks. I'm excited! I have it also in personal and pocket sizes. I want to try this size as a wallet.
    Just a li'l correction though: that's a "week on one page" diary you have shown. :-)