Thursday, 17 May 2012

Why is one never enough???

I bought my first filofax about 4 years ago. It was a pink Finsbury personal. My son had just been released from the hospital and I had selfishly needed some retail therapy. I used it for a little while, but got extremely frustrated by the fact that it would lie flat. I shelved it for a long time. Actually I think I donated it to a charity, I can't find it anywhere.

I used to use a daytimer nappa in personal size that I have had for 5 years, another shop therapy purchase after my son (who was 8 at the time) was diagnosed with cancer. I absolutely love it. It is luxurious leather, and bendy and floppy......and too bendy and too floppy and eventually I stopped using it as well.

Enter in filofax more time I said. I had seen the pictures on flikr, and read the philofaxy blog for quite some time, so I thought I would give it a go. I purchased an pocket metropol at my local winners store and I really liked it. It was a bit small but I made it work. Then I noticed the rings weren't meeting up, and it didn't close properly. I found a lime green Finsbury personal at the same winners another day so I got it. $16.99 I couldn't go wrong right? After about a week it's rings were right anymore either. I didn't understand, and really I still don't. I didn't misuse it, I opened it with the little levers on either side of the mechanism, I closed it gently with the rings. I never over stuffed it, and I didn't toss it about willy-nilly. I emailed the company and they replaced both of the defective filofaxes....with a great black personal Finsbury and another defective Metropol. I couldn't believe it. The replacement pocket Metropol they sent didn't open AT ALL. I emailed them back to let them know. They reluctantly agreed to send a pocket domino as a replacement. It seemed fine, but I didn't use it for long. I was kinda really bummed about the rings. How could so many binders have such crappy rings, yet there be this entire world of loyal fans to them.

I decided I would buy one more, give them one more chance. So I purchased an A5 Domino in red when it was on sale on the US site. I love it. I use it every day. The rings are PERFECT! But it is a bit stiff, and the elastic closure causes me problems sometimes (I have a medical condition that effects my hands)

Since I have bought my Domino back in March I think, I have bought one for my mother, a slew of inserts, a compact Chameleon (also with a slight ring issue) a personal size domino and I am ordering an A5 Malden, and a compact Finsbury.....

The point of my story is this.....

Why as filofax "fans" do we never settle for just one...what is it about them that compels us to hoard them, and snatch them up like they will help defend us in a zombie apocalypse? I know for me personally, I am hoping that the Malden is softer than the Domino and that the rings are good, and I love the colour of the compact Finsbury (blue) and the compact is my favorite size. I find as soon as I know there is something wrong with one I have to find a perfect replacement quickly.

What about you? How many do you have? And what compels you to purchase more?

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  1. I think I have about 10 - I really must count actually - and yes, even when I think I've found the perfect one, I'll just have a 'quick peek' on eBay, or CO, or Filofax, 'just to see if there are any bargains'. I have my eye on a couple more, but unfortunately they are quite expensive so I doubt I'll get them.

    I don't understand it either. It's like I'm never satisfied and the only thing that will fix the problem is to get another one. But then I'm not satisfied with that one either! Maybe we are just 'collectors' and just like to have a variety of colours and styles, just like a lot of women and shoes. I don't do shoes.

    But I do bags. And that's ANOTHER story . . . LOL!

  2. I do bags too.... a lot, my husband hates it lol. I have only ever purchase on filofax, or at my local winners store when they have them there. They are quite pricey. It is a vicious, perpetual cycle....that will probably never stop lol...

  3. I have 38, soon to become 35, but they are all just so fabulous. They look and feel wonderful and they have different layouts, different sizes, different smells. And there is always the one that you know that you really shouldn't, but one day you know it's going to happen. The excitement of ordering and then receiving the new filo never dulls :o) We are all addicts :o)

  4. I agree with LJ that ordering & receiving a filo is very exciting. Also, I can't rush the opening & sit with it on the bed with a cuppa!
    However, I recently found 'the one' in the vintage pink A5 Malden. A4 Strata sold & personal Malden will be going soon too. I will miss the thrill of receiving them in the post, but will pour all my love into just the one from now on :)

  5. I ditto LJ's comments. I also think it's the fact that there are so many different ones out there and the same style comes in different colors. I constantly feel like the next one that I am eyeing might just be "better" than the ones that I have...odd really because I love almost every single one of the approx 7 that I have. Nevertheless, I read Philofaxy, I read associated blogs and I start to salivate over a FF that someone else has in their collection and then the obsession begins again! I just dealt with this yesterday and today! In the span of a few hours I have purchased two Kendals (personal and pocket) and a personal Holborn! I'm currently using an Ivory Deco Personal and a Chameleon Pocket (as my wallet) and I love the Deco - I like the Chameleon. Now I have the Holborn sitting just inches away from me and I can't wait to use it! This latest spree will tame me for a couple of weeks but I know that it's just a matter of time! Well, heck, one doesn't wear the same pair of shoes day in and day out, right? And for many, they switch their handbags according to season and outfit...why don't the same rules apply for FFs? I think they do!

  6. @Anita I wish I had your willpower. I am about to order another 3 next week. I am hoping though that this will be it for a good long while.

    @DEM I like your thinking. I think the same rules should apply, and I guess I can make them apply right?

    Thank you all for taking the time to read and comment on my blog, it really means a lot.

  7. For me, the Filofax has become a necessary accessory! Some times I feel Malden-ish, other days I feel Deco-ish...right now I'm feeling Holborn-ish. I say, Apply away!

    Which three will you be ordering, Steph?

  8. @DEM I am ordering the Malden A5 in grey, the Sketch A5 in maroon, and the Finsbury Compact in blue....I love that colour.

    1. Nice! I love all those colors! Would love to hear your thoughts on the blue Finsbury when you receive it!

    2. I am hoping to be able to do a full review, to the best of my abilities of course on both the Malden A5 and the Finsbury is the one I am most excited for.