Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I understand the fuss....

Well, after watching Tracy's video, I ordered the A5 Malden in grey last week and it came in yesterday. It is be-a-utiful! I think I am in love. The only real complaint that I have at this time is the cover. I love the look and the smell, but I have sensory issues with my hands and the cover is so slippery. I usually have to pick it up with both hands, but I can carry it in just the one hand.

I have taken out a few sections from my Domino and added a couple of accessories. So here it goes, another picture heavy post (I certainly can't be the only person that likes them lol)

I chose the grey one. I really love it a lot. I am not a super fan of the glazed cover as I said before.

This is the inside front cover. I really love the zipper pocket. The pen is a papermate inkjoy. I love them.

This is a Martha Stewart by Avery accessory. It is like a photo holder I think. It has two pockets with flaps on them. I have some small stickers in the top one, and some Martha Stewart by Avery repositionable tabs and teardrop thingys.

This is an extra flyleaf with some SMASH tape on it. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet. They come off fairly easy, but the tape is paper so you have to be a bit gentle or it rips lol.

On the back of the flyleaf I have some happy face, and some star stickers. They come off really easily.

Here are the new tabbed dividers I made. I used some scrapbooking paper and the paper SMASH tabs. I really like the way they turned out.

This is just a boring old world map, but I like having it. I am not really sure why though. On the back is the time zones.

New behind the info tab I have an Expenses sheet. I am trying to track all my personal spending. I am not sure if you can see it or not, but I went to Michaels twice in 4 days which is a lot for me, since it is on the other side of town and I don't drive lol.

Here is an updated list of the blogs and websites I frequent. All of the filofax blogs I check are highlighted lol.

This is just the back of the page. I really like filofax blogs lol

This is the blog mindmap from mikesmind. I have checked out other ones but this one really works for me the best.

This is in my SWAP section. It is another one of those Martha Stewart double pocket things. I trimmed it to fit better. I had to cut off the top flap, but there is still a bottom flap. The top has my address labels, and the bottom one has some of my stamps in it.

This is a filofax business card holder top opening one. I have some air mail stickers, and some cards I use to when I send my swaps out.

Here is a sheet with some new swaps I have signed up for. I am just awaiting partner assignment.

In the event section, I have a site map for the Relay for Life I did on the first of June. I am the team captain. My team raised over $1400

This is my week so far.

I ordered the contemporary notepaper and I love it!!!

At the back I have another business card holder with a few cards in it.

Another double pocket thingy at the back with some more stickers in it.

3D Tangled picture thing from the case of the movie.

In the back pocket I took out the notepad, because I don't really like plain white paper. And I put some stickers in the back. That I stole from Tracy, so thanks for the idea!

So that is the basics of my new A5 Malden, and some of the things I changed. I am contemplating ordering the personal size one but I really like the compact size. I saw that they made one in the Malden line but it has a zipper so I am not too sure. I will check it out if it comes to the US site.

Next time I am going to review the new blue Finsbury Compact that I got at the same time I got the Malden.  As always if you like this post or any of my other ones I would be very honored if you would follow my blog.

Til next time.


  1. Nicely done, you've certainly been busy!

    I also have a Finsbury Compact (mine is raspberry though); looking forward to reading your post on it!

    Thanks for following me btw ;-)

  2. Thank you very much. I am hoping to get the review and pictures up this weekend.

    Thank you for following me in return. Your blog is great.

  3. I toyed with grey but couldn't imagine I'd love it ( I have a red thing going on) but yours does look so smooth & sleek.
    Also, loving the Tangled. Frying pan; who knew?

    1. thank you so much for stopping by. The grey is gorgeous. I thought the same thing you did, I mean I have a red domino, a raspberry Chameleon and a blue Finsbury, but the grey is really a great colour, picture a really intense storm cloud and you have a close comparison, or the inner section of my blog layout. IMO anyway.
      And I am convinced that it is the combination of all that hair and a well-seasoned frying pan that would make all the difference. Now I wonder how much shampoo she would need.....probably goes to Costco....

  4. Welcome to the A5 Malden club :)
    I absolutely adore my vintage pink one. Would never have thought I'd like a grey filofax, but it looks lovely.

  5. Thank you for the lovely welcome. I love the colour. It is gorgeous. I didn't think that the vintage pink would be a colour I would want to use all the time, so that is why I went with the grey.

  6. Hi Stephen, love your blog! You wouldn't be interested in selling this planner would you?