Thursday, 26 July 2012

An idea....

I love getting a letter in the mail from someone telling me about their day and lives. I have had pen pals off an on now since I was 12. I have 4 right now. But I am always looking for more.

I love Filofax. This blog is mostly posts about my filofaxes. I love watching peoples Filofax youtube videos. Paper and organizing...two of my favorite things.

My idea is this...since I love letters and mail, and I love my Filofax, and (creeping at everyone elses) why not try and find another pen pal and correspond using filofax paper....Sounds good to me, now I just need to find other people with a similar obsession with Filofax and letters/mail...I wonder what my chances are....

ETA: A wonderful suggestions from Steve (thank you)...If anyone is interested in partcipating in this idea, please feel free to email me and we can exchange addresses. stephanie[dot]doidge[at]gmail[dot]com

Monday, 23 July 2012

My version of a SMASHfax

I saw a post by vintage giraffe awhile back about creating a SMASH book in an unused Filofax. I thought I would try and do the same thing. I do have a real SMASH book but they are insanely expensive here in Canada so this just might be a good alternative.

I decided to use my A5 Sketch in red I got on sale. In the inside front cover I have some journal tags and a few stickers. The first set of pages are transparents with some stickers on them. Next I just show a couple of the Amy Tangerine papers I chose.

Sorry if this turns out weird I am on my IPhone and new at this.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Pippa update

(If you are not sure of the beginning of this story please feel free to read the original post about it here)

Well I took DEM's (sorry I am not sure of your real name, or a website to link) advice and I went back to the location where I bought the handbag and spoke to the manager, who just happened to be the person that I have been on this entire 'Pippa Handbag Journey' with. We discussed options and the email response from Modalu (which I brought with me). After much thought we together decided that it would be best for me to continue to use the one I have with the 'damage' and she was going to order me a new one, in the same size and colour. When the new one comes in (expected in August) I will just do a straight exchange. She was so sweet and wonderful about it.

She simply said 'well that is your handbag you shouldn't be without it. I will just get a new one in for you'

She is an awesome person. Totally will buy more things from that store. And probably more specifically from her. Is that a bad thing?? To only want to purchase from a particular person? Hmmmm not sure.

OOh and another Filofax post is coming soon, and I am hoping to tape my first ever youtube video on my Malden in the next week or so, so I will try and link that here as well.

Have a great day!!!