Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Filofax Doodle

This week I received a Doodle from my wonderful friend Lynn. It is an amazingly cute little Filofax. I have already taken out the inserts I didn't want in there and put my own stuff in, however I took some photographs of the contents. Sorry it was not a proper unboxing. I keep forgetting to do those, but I will show you exactly what it comes with and give you my thoughts on it as a whole. This could get picture heavy...let's dive in.

The Doodle comes in a white cardboard sleeve and a clear slipcase. I didn't save either of these pieces. Well so far I am not off to a great start.

Inside it comes with:
  • A flyleaf
  • A 'title' page
  • 12 pages each white, blank, graph, pink, green, and blue papers
  • A plastic pocket/pen loop
  • Small acrylic Spirograph tool
  • Frosted page marker
  • very small piece of test material
  • 6 blue and green dividers (3 of each colour)

I have customized it to use as a creative binder. I have used the dividers to section off types of paper and drawing. I found a zipper pouch from Dayrunner and used it to house the Spirograph tool, so that I don't lose it, and I can have it with me when I take the Doodle somewhere.
The size is perfect for me. I love the colour of the elastic. Part of me wishes that the cover was wipe able so that I could change the design as I evolve artistically.

Things I have inside now:
  • Dayrunner zipper pouch with Spirograph tool inside
  • 6 dividers
  • flyleaf
  • Doodle title page
  • Zentangle pages I created
  • Cotton Cream blank pages
  • Sketch pages cut to size
  • Graph paper
  • Plastic pocket/pen holder

As of the time I am writing this I still have not decorated my cover. I am finding it hard to commit to something. I don't want to later change my mind. I find Sharpie markers (extra fine if you are using the Spirograph tool) and the Bic Mark-It markers work the best. But they are both permanent so keep that in mind before using them.

I really hope the Doodles come to the USA Filofax site. My kids would all love one. What a great concept. An A5 size would be great too.

The front cover...Still undecorated, I am on the hunt for some carbon paper first

The inside front cover embossing

You can faintly make out the 3 letter stamp...Can someone please tell me what these are for??

This is a zip pocket from one of the organizers from Barnes and Noble (though I got mine somewhere else) I have the microscopic fabric swatch, and the Spirograph tool...Love that thing

The title page that comes with it. It is behind the flyleaf, but I was trying to avoid the glare.

It comes with 6 numbered dividers in a storm cloud blue and a minty/seafoam green. I just cut up an address label and labelled them. Zentangle, Spirograph, Drawing, Blank....

And Graph...The last one is still blank right now.

Behind the Zentangle tab, I just have some practice sheets

Behind the Spirograph tab..I did these with a uniball rollerball pen in black

Behind the Drawing tab, this is just a quick line design I did using the Mr. Sketch markers I just bought my kids

Behind the Blank tab I just have some cut up sheets of sketch book paper...I am going to try and use some paint in the future...I miss painting.

Behind the Graph tab guessed it Graph paper...I am not sure what I am going to do with this...May end up trading it if anyone is interested.

An interesting side note...The graph paper that came in the Doodle and actually ALL the inserts have the date of 2013...Brand Spankin New!!! The to-do sheets have round check spots instead of square...

Here is the plastic pocket/pen loop insert...still not sure how I feel about it. The pen loop sticks out too far sometimes, which makes the pencil I am using (currently an Eagle Top Notch .7mm) stick outside the Doodle...Annoying!!

The pen loop up close and personal...The cap of pens gets stuck on the part at the top where the notch is...

The pocket part of the insert...and the reflection of my Iphone and hand...

And the boring backside...but on the plus I think the elastic would be easy to adjust if needed....
Well thanks again for stopping by...I'll try not to make it so long next time....


  1. Yay! Looks great! Love the idea of a creative Doodle sketch book. I like the way you've set up your Zentangle squares on one page - I'm going to borrow that idea! The Spirograph tool is so much fun - feel like a kid again!

    A wipeable cover, now that would be fantastic. I'm planning out my design on paper first - I'm torn between a bright doodle/Zentangles Pucci style to a misty watercolour effect to pastels or oils on canvas effect! Not sure this can be achieved, but it will be fun trying. Can't wait to see how you decorate yours.

    If your kids can't wait, say the word...

    1. I love your ideas for your cover. I am not sure what would work on the cover. I know that sharpies, and bic mark-it markers work, but as for paints....what about those Mr. Huey mists??? They need to send a big ol' swatch of cover fabric so that we can experiment accurately.

      I will consider saying the but don't I owe you enough??? You truly are an amazing friend.

  2. HOW AWESOME! What a gift to get in the mail! I am also eager to see how you end up decorating it! Thanks for going through and showing us this ff upclose and personal - very much enjoyed this post!

    1. I will be doing a follow up post I hope when I have decorated it. Haven't heard from you in a it my turn to write?

  3. Steph - I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award! Read about it here: