Thursday 15 November 2012

That Thing Thursday

Well, this was supposed to launch last Thursday but I was completely tied up and couldn't get to it. In case you missed my post last week I have decided to do a weekly feature. I know a lot of other people do their week photo, but I usually do that on instagram, so I didn't really want to do it here too.

Thus, That Thing Thursday was born.

The first one I am going to do are the Self stick hot list notes by Daytimer. I absolutely love them. I got them with a daytimer I found at Winners. The planner itself was a bit awful, but the hot list is ahhh mazing.

This is what the hotlist looks like. The sticky bit is along the side where the check boxes are. I have never been a big chekcer-offer. I usually like to scratch off (see below lol) but I may get used to checking the box.

This is one in the front of my Filofax. I have a list of the things to get done around the house. It is getting a bit dog eared but it is still doing great. I have it stuck to a top opening envelope and it isn't leaving any residue behind like some (super sticky post-its come to mind)

I have decided to try and use these for a to-do list and I have stuck them to my clear today ruler. So far it is sticking really well. It even gives a small bit of writing room on the back side lol.
I am not sure how this 'feature' is going to go over. I am really excited about it, so I hope I can figure it out better lol.
Sorry I had to post the pictures from my Iphone blogger app. I still don't know how that thing works. Please leave me a comment below and tell me the sorts of things you would like reviews or opinions on. I can't promise I can get my hands on them, but I can certainly try my hardest.

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  1. Great idea to have a regular weekly blog slot. My blogging is a bit more haphazard!

    I love these bright and colourful to-do lists. I find a mini list less daunting to tackle and am more likely to get things done. I use the DT hole-punched versions.