Thursday 22 November 2012

That Thing Thursday #2

Hi everyone. Welcome to another installment of That Thing Thursday. This week I am going to vent about my Filofax failure.

Well it isn't actually my failure, but theirs. We have all experienced it I am sure at one point or another. Faulty rings, bad stitching, bottom of the barrel leather quality. Filofax just isn't what it used to be, and that is really disappointing.

EVERY single one of the Filofax binders I have or have had has had a problem with the exception of my compact blue Finsbury.

The strap on my personal aqua Chameleon is tearing, and the colour is fading. The personal Sketch my son uses has ring gaps, the personal Holborn my sister is borrowing has stitching issues.

I have decided to not invest anymore money into filofax until their quality control improves. I know I am not a big shot filofax blogger, and I have just a handful of amazing people that follow me, but I am still a customer who spends my hard earned money on something I expect to last longer than a month or two.

In closing this week I say this to Filofax...
I am sorry that at some point you decided that it was important to put out any product rather than putting out a quality product. I am just a mere customer however I will now be giving my business and loyalty to another company. If you ever decide to return to quality I may be back, but until then good luck in all your future endeavours.


  1. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having such issues with the quality of your filofaxes :(
    I've also needed to return more faulty ones than I'd like & am happily using a vintage one currently which is great.

    I'm attending the meeting with Filofax tomorrow & quality issues will be discussed :)

    1. That is fantastic. I stopped complaining to them because it just resulted in a faulty replacement seemingly at my cost as I had to pay to ship the first faulty one back. I can't even replace my chameleon because they don't have them anymore in that colour. I hope the meeting is really productive and that some issues get solved. I really love my chameleon, but with the strap tearing off, I am not sure how long it is going to last. I would love it to last long enough to be vintage itself.